Monday, January 14, 2013

Out of the mouths of babes ......

Isn't that a brilliant question.  This is a question asked by 7 year old Loulou.
This is part of Facebook initiative by the Holland based banking giant ING . Its is part of their recruitment portal called ING Careers and this idea is called Next Generation banking. In it they are asking children to ask simple questions and for prospective employees who wish to join ING to answer them.
Here are some of the answers
  • We need banks to keep money moving and safe
  • Banks are also a safe place to put your money and not only that but the bank will even make sure the amount you gave them increases over time by using it in different businesses
  • We need banks for your money:
    1. To be safe - Your piggy bank can get lost, stolen or empty.
    2. To grow - Do nothing and see your money grow each year because of interest.
  • So banks were a place you could keep your money safe and also get some extra money if you agreed to pay it back soon
  • So you see banks are there to help people. They have a lot of helpful ideas to make life easier for everyone
  • We need banks because there are two kinds of people, people who has money and want their money to be in a safe place where they could get it anytime they want and people who wants money to make things and sell them in order to make more money.
  • To keep it very simple. Banks make our life easy
------- And so on and so on.
All perfectly true of course. The problem is that this is no longer what banks mostly do.  If senior bankers read this and reflect, perhaps some blinding truths may strike them.
Maybe every industry must do something similar and try and explain their reason for existence to children. They may find themselves squirming and very uncomfortable.
As it is said in Psalm  8:2 , "Out of the mouth of babies and sucklings hast thou established strength ......... "

PS : This blogger had to hold his nose and go into Facebook to get the material for this post. He has quickly exited and is somewhat affected even by this short experience. He won't be going anywhere there in a hurry !

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